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Craving that look again?

You know the one I mean. The look that says, "Come and get me. Rawr."

If it's been awhile, then you've been on the sidelines too long, my friend.

But I see you.

You've been patiently waiting for your chance to get in the game, and I've got great news for you:


Whether you're here to talk pre-game strategy or you're ready to hit the field running,

I invite you to imagine what's possible for your love life.

Working with me you WILL:


* Gain (or RE-gain) confidence in yourself and your approach to relationships!

Know your worth (and I'm not talking about your bank account!)

* Understand how gender role conditioning sets us all up for failure in relationships and learn how to address it

* Unlearn ingrained behaviors that keep your relationships from moving forward

* Discover what traits you feel are most important in a serious partner and how to attract them

* Learn tools to get what you want and need from your partner without starting the next World War

* Get a peek at the other team's playbook!

* Practice connection skills with feedback and practical application

* Have YOUR thoughts, complaints, and concerns heard with compassion, respect, and confidentiality... AT ALL TIMES

Release the pressure valve and better manage your day-to-day stressors!

Are you in a

* having doubts about whether your partner is your person

* finding that the same cycles of conflict arise repeatedly, with no lasting resolution

* feeling pressure around commitment

* realizing that your partner is not the same person you met and fell in love with OR maybe you’re not the same person as when you met

* at a major crux in the relationship where you must decide to either love 'em or leave 'em

* experiencing anxiety around whether the partner you want actually exists or if you're simply having a “grasses are greener” moment

Are you


* ready to find your person

* looking for your forever relationship

* frustrated and/or angry about the perception around involuntarily celibate men

* actively dating and attracting the same type of person over and over OR the relationship doesn’t progress beyond the first few dates

* confused by the mixed signals you're receiving

* have difficulty dealing with perceived rejection

* convinced that the person you’re looking for doesn’t exist

* craving a solid foundation from which to develop a solid partnership

Are you



* working your butt off to provide for your family

* struggling with peak performance at work and/or at home

* experiencing stress, burnout and/or depression

* suppressing feelings of stress, burnout, depression as a way to protect your partner/family

* coming home depleted, shut down, and anti-social

* getting into arguments with your partner that escalate and leave one or both of you feeling unheard  and over-compromised

* perhaps you have a public persona with all of the added pressure to maintain appearances, and are in need of a safe space to shed those responsibilities and recharge

* maybe you can relate to this...

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Not married? No problem!

Listen; you don't have to be married to need an escape from the pressure-cooker of life. Loneliness isn't one-size-fits-all; we're all struggling and in need of support, however support resources are typically geared toward women. And you don't have to be married to know that you desire meaningful relationships. The Connection Coach strategies will work for you. I will coach you to be comfortable being YOU from the first date! When you can be confident in your own skin from the start, you build a strong foundation that's less likely to crack when you are 2 years into the relationship and you've "changed".

Whaddya say? You ready to get out there and show 'em what you're made of?

No champion has ever won a championship without a coach. So suit up, and let’s get started! 

Home: Testimonials

Praise for Coach Rach


"Life is really looking up these days. I'm in a relationship that feels like a birthday present... I want to thank you for literally helping to hold me together during a most pivotal moment. It was less than easy, but now I can witness the payoff."


"Rachael is definitely someone you want in your corner! Her process is tailored to your needs and is constantly evolving. I struggled with a lot of social anxiety and had been single for over 10 years. Through her sessions I gained a ton of insight about myself and what I'm looking for. She helped me find a dating strategy that works for me, and I've had more first dates in the last 10 weeks than I have in the last 10 years!"


"For the first time in months, I feel fantastic and at peace with the world that surrounds me. Today was yet another very busy day, but I managed the stress very well."

The Goldilocks Zone

Get off the bench ...Become the marriage

Schedule your no-obligation, 30 minute Kickoff Call TODAY.

You'll get a taste of Game Time and learn the first, simple play to get more of what you want at home.

Home: Ways to Play

Ways to Play

The fantasy leaguer

Can't decide?

Start HERE

and meet your team!

Discover the benefits of connection without the commitment.

FREE access

to private community on Discord

to experience support without being in the hot seat


anonymously connect with other men like YOU


(1) Monthly Group Q&A

hosted by Rachael Jaye*


BONUS Group Coaching Calls!*

*Monthly and Bonus Calls subject to nominal fee

the pre-season player

Just want a f*cking break?!

I hear ya!

Experience the escape without expectations.

100% focus on YOU

Comfort, Compassion, Connection

Feel seen and accepted

Strictly Confidential

Judgement-free Zone

(12) 30 min Connection sessions

NO unsolicited advice or "fixing"

Vent your stress before heading home!


The Pre-Season Player is not a coaching package and cannot be combined with

The Fantasy Leaguer

the mvp

Want your partner to want you again?

OR to start off a new relationship with the best odds of scoring?!

Get the escape & the winning plays!

(24) 60 min Hybrid Sessions

(Connection + Coaching)


Strategies, Integration, Feedback

Confidence, Mindset, Skills


(1) BONUS Pre-Season Strategy Sesh


(1) BONUS Post-Season Call

to wrap up, review, and create your Free Agent Game Plan


BONUS: Transferable skills to make you a success magnet!

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"She looked open!"


5 FUMBLES when you're trying to

Wondering what went wrong?

This mini-playbook shows you


where you lost control of the game

how to score next time.

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