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Ways to Play

The Fantasy Leaguer

4 Session Starter Series*
For the Man who plays it safe

You want to experience the glory of playing without the pressure (or concussions).

Or are you more of a Deion Sanders?Perhaps you simply can't decide which program is right for you; you love them both! A low-risk trial is just the ticket!

*Available for a limited time only.

Conditions apply.

The Pre-Season Player

Private Coaching:
Connection Conditioning

12 weeks of 1:1 sessions, for the man who just needs a f*cking break.

Maybe you're content on the sidelines as long as you're still on the team. You don't want to play in the game yet and that's okay!


As a Pre-Season Player, you can drop your protective gear. I'll remind you that you're a valuable team member, whether or not you're on the field.

NOW 2 options available to meet your needs!


Private Coaching:
Conditioning + Game Time

24 weeks of 1:1 sessions (12 weekly + 6 bi-weekly, coaching sessions), for the man who's ready for his own, underdog-to-victory ending!

Do you want more than a respite from everyday stress? Do you want to recover intimacy with your wife and score touchdown after touchdown til death do you part?

You just might have what it takes to be MVP.

"The MANctuary"

For the Tailgaters

Alright, so you're comfy and cozy on the sidelines; it's what you've grown used to. We all gotta start somewhere!

Did you know the purpose of a "Man Cave" is for soooo much more than just an escape for drinking beer, watching sports, and talking shit? Sure, you can unplug and tune out for a couple hours. You can hang your nostalgic college posters, hunting trophies, and plaid collection.

But why do you really crave the Cave?

More than merely escape, you're seeking sanctuary.

If you're not yet ready to work with me directly and experience transformation,

Join me in The MANctuary.

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