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The Pre-Season Player: Image


As the QB in your family, you're expected to keep the morale high through life's wins and losses.

That's a lot of pressure, my friend.


You long to feel seen by someone who won't judge or ridicule you for what you're experiencing.

You desire connection, attention, acceptance, validation, stress relief, patience, comfort & presence.

You seek the freedom & safety to be fully yourself; to express what you want without judgment, shame, or resentment.

You require assurance that there is no risk to your family & the life you've built.

You're in the right place.

The Pre-Season Player: List

You talkin' to ME?

Probably! Do you:

  • work in a high-stress environment?

  • harbor fears and doubts about the state of the freaking world?

  • suppress your emotions because you were taught that's what "men" do?

  • feel ignored/neglected by your Significant Other? OR are you Tinder Fatigued from searching for your ideal SO?

  • crave acceptance and connection? Someone who will listen to you without trying to "fix" you?

Okay, go on...

Sweet! Here are the deets:

  • 12 weeks of 1:1 sessions

  • The escape of a Man Cave with the focused attention of a therapist and the unconditional affection of your mom

  • Weekly, customized calls, depending on your comfort level:

      ~voice only or Zoom

      ~30min session /week 

  • Objective and confidential support

  • Increased self-worth

  • No strategies, no coaching, no pressure to change; purely a sanctuary for you to feel seen & valued!

Are you in need of a space to talk through your stressors or suppressed dreams without having anyone's feedback or projections onto your experience?

Or perhaps there's nothing "wrong," but you simply wish you had someone to chat with?

Are you looking for someone to listen and be fully present with you and for you, without turning the conversation back to themselves?

Do you dread going home and putting the mask back on? With the Pre-Season Player, you can take a break from wearing the mask, get real, release some steam, and not feel like you're letting anyone down.


12 weeks of 30 minute sessions to take the edge off and experience connection without any drama!

One-time Investment of $397 

But I don't watch football. And I'm not married. Can I still work with you?

Hell Yes!

It is not a requirement that you be into sports or even have a partner, to benefit from working with me!


My goal is to provide a safe space for men to let their guard down and experience connection so that their relationships (regardless of relationship status) will evolve from a place of authenticity and empowerMENt.

Our sessions together are not based on football analogies or what's going on in your home life. There is no pre-determined format for our calls; they are fully guided by you and your needs at the time we meet.* 

*Sessions will be facilitated in adherence to the Code of Conduct.

I get that it's hard to admit when your marriage/life/friendships/job are unfulfilling.

I invite you to consider this: how is it serving you to stay stuck in this place?

How much relief would it bring to unload all that's keeping you that way?

Interested in strategies and practice? Maybe you're an MVP!

Click HERE to find out if coaching is right for you.

See full Terms and Conditions here.

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