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We've all heard the saying, "Happy Wife, Happy Life." 

But there isn't an equivalent for men… at least, not a good one. I've heard things like, "Happy Hubby, Plump and Chubby" (as well as other mottos) that imply that men are happy as long as they're properly fed and fulfilled… ya know… sekshually. That's a rather simplistic and sexist view.

It's no wonder the divorce rate is so high.

Okay, so what am I saying?

You found your way here because you are feeling unfulfilled, under-appreciated, and generally unhappy. As the man of the house, you shoulder a lot of responsibility and expectations. 

I’ve got news for you: The #1 reason why men leave otherwise fulfilling marriages is not because of a mid-life crisis. It's not because they've fallen out of love with their wives or aren't attracted to them anymore.

Are you sitting in your recliner?

...These men are lonely.

And society has conditioned men to suppress their emotional needs. So if you're lonely, where do you turn? Often, it's into the arms of someone else who can (and offers to) meet those needs... often resulting in lies, messy divorces, broken bonds with kids, financial ruin, and social exile. Yikes.

So what if divorce is out of the question and cheating isn’t your style?

Where does that leave you? What would take your relationship from stuck to sizzling? Perhaps it’s having an actual partner, rather than merely a wife. If you feel burnt out by all the demands and expectations on you as a man, and yet don't feel comfortable sharing this with your wife, it’s no wonder you feel lonely.

There are plenty of men who need more than food and a f*ck to be happy.

As a former Platonic Touch Practitioner, I received requests from over 150 men who reported being stressed, anxious, and depressed. They were looking for companionship, acceptance, compassion, and relaxation. These men, in their words, were lonely and seeking connection.

They crave an ESCAPE.

You may or may not be surprised to learn that the majority of these men are married with children. (Anybody else hearing the theme song, "Love and Marriage" playing their head, and visualizing a disgruntled Al Bundy with his hand in his pants? Just me? I digress...)

You can escape to the Man Cave, the sports bar, the strip club, or the golf course.

Maybe a bit of spirited “guy talk,” a temporary fantasy, or whacking a few balls - is enough to release the pressure valve.

But is it really enough?

How likely are you to get into tough conversations with the guys? If you get too deep, you run the risk of being judged, ridiculed, or not taken seriously. If your current source of support is other men who’ve been similarly discouraged to express emotion, how supportive can they be?

I propose a fairer alternative to the original marriage motto: “Happy Hubs, Lasting Love.”

Whaddya think? Now don’t get it twisted: I’m not suggesting we replace the original motto of “Happy Wife, Happy Life;” I’m advocating for a male equivalent that prioritizes happiness for both spouses.

You deserve to be happy, too. Are you ready to join my team?

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